Full-stack Java Developer . Senior SDE . Senior Consultant

EMIS Health

I'm a passionate software engineer with over 10.3 years years of work experience in developing and testing complex software systems. I have good hands-on experience in developing greenfield projects, enterprise-grade high scalable internet applications, converting POCs into potential solutions, and technical authoring documentation for projects. I seek to exploit my deftness in full-stack cloud-based web apps. I like to reduce the fuzz and keep it clean and have a straightforward attitude. I prefer quality to quantity.

  • Experience in developing robust JVM (Java & Kotlin) based ReST APIs using Springboot, containerizing them with Docker and publish to ECR, deploying them later in containerized platforms like ECS.
  • Sound knowledge of several services in the AWS cloud platform. I am managing DevOps by taking care of the full deployment process of production workloads, I also assisted a couple of teams in EMIS to set up the AWS platform.
  • Have good experience in writing SQL queries in context to integrate Springboot with JPA/Hibernate to manage ORDBMS with persistence data. Alongside, version-controlled SQL scripts using Liquibase and Flyway.
  • Experience in developing React SPAs and deploying them into high-availability CDNs like Cloudfront.
  • Strong practical knowledge of OOP concepts, SOLID principles, and Design Patterns.
  • Experience in integration with OAuth2, SSO, and Federated Identities with Cognito & Okta.
  • End-to-end development exposure in AWS with CI/CD, and GitHub Actions following strict IaC patterns.
  • Strong exposure to development methodologies like Agile and SAFe.
  • Visited the UK twice and worked from onshore to establish project parameters, propose and implement key product features and act as a coordinator between the London and Chennai development teams.


What I do

Backend APIs

Create container ready ReST and Micro services

Frontend Web

Craft beautiful frontends for SPAs


Architect and create infrastructure in AWS


Leed . Agile . Assess . Contribute . Mentor


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